An Introduction to Brendan

Who are you, and why are you writing this blog?

I’m Brendan, the intern who is based in Melbourne. I’ve got a Master of Publishing and Communications and am currently interning and working part time in the publishing industry. I think this blog is a great way to talk to people interested in publishing and books about what to expect from an internship as well as to look at the book business from an interesting perspective.

So, how DID you become a publishing intern?

I was finishing up my thesis and beginning to think about what would come after, when I saw an ad online that had been up for a little while. I sent Michelle (our publisher) an email to ask if there were any spots left, assuming I was out of luck due to the competitiveness around internships in publishing. Amazingly, there was a spot for me and I got straight into reading submissions. It’s been a blast ever since.

Give us a snapshot of a day as an intern? 

A day is maybe a bit of a stretch, as I tend to work a day in this internship across a week when I have time in the evenings and on the weekends. (Kudos to Odyssey for being so flexible and understanding). Lately, a lot of my internship work has revolved around editing manuscripts while riding on trains. I have a fairly long commute to my other work, about an hour on the train each way, which I don’t mind as I normally read. Lately, I’ve been pumping out edits on my commute, which is actually a really great way to use my time and really great practice in the editorial department. It’s great that with this internship I can do a lot of things both in the internship and alongside it, throughout the day and the week.


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